The Egyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy (ECCD) and Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) stands in full support and solidarity with Egypt and its Human Rights defenders against Sisi's dictatorship and the brutal military regime that it entails.

The governments of the free world, especially our Canadian government, should show support in this dire time in Egypt's history with the struggle of it's people to attain their long awaited basic rights and dignity as human beings. In the desperate pursuit of freedom, the people of Egypt have been facing a regime that continues to antagonize and humiliate them, and even breaching a number of international laws, unlawfully detaining tens of thousands, and killing and torturing thousands of them in cold blood, as well as denying them due diligence in regards to the spread of COVID 19. Among these people were thousands of valuable members of society; doctors, engineers, reporters, religious scholars, university students, working professionals, women and even the underage. This treatment was also extended to any political opposition, including government officials.

General Sisi's regime, aside from failing to deliver any progress since his abrupt government takeover, has for the last six years been plunging the Egyptian economy, causing a rise in unemployment rates, and breaking records with regards to inflation, increasing the prices of food and basic commodities, and even increasing taxes, worsening the situation for the already impoverished civilians of the country. The recent occurrences of government-executed home demolition have fueled the anger of many Egyptians across the country. Many around the world watched with teary eyes as the home of the Three Pyramids of Giza went under flame. The heartbreaking images of families being dragged into the streets as bulldozers destroyed their livelihood were a cause of shock internationally.

In this unprecedented wave of tyranny and abuse by general Sisi and his regime, we all raise our voices in a plea to our respected Prime minister and the government of Canada to act in favor of the Egyptian people and not the military government by applying political pressure on the military government of Egypt to comply with the following demands:
1. To end the violation of Egyptian human rights in all forms especially in regards to the violent suppression of mass protests across the country, as it is a constitutional right under the Egyptian constitution and International Law.
2. To seize the harsh and unacceptable practice of home demolition all around the country.
3. The immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners since July 2013 including the 2000 detainees of the uprising of September 2020.
4. The Egyptian community across Canada as whole, respectfully demands from our honorable Prime Minister and our Government to postpone all arms selling to the current military regime of Egypt, for the sake of achieving democracy in Egypt and stability in the region.