Egyptian Canadian Coalition for DemocracyECCD Statement with regard to the Canadian Government Decision to Suspend its Embassy Operation in Cairo

December 10 2014

The Egyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy (ECCD) is troubled by our government's latest decisions to suspend its embassy operation in Cairo and to issue an advisory for its citizens against non-essential travel to Egypt due to the security situation.

The decisions which were harshly criticized in the state-controlled Egyptian Media, followed close on the heels of the Egyptian court's politically motivated ruling for 188 people to be sentenced to death on charges of killing 11 police officers in the town of Kerdasa in August 2013.

Whereas ECCD commends the decisions and the concern for the safety of our Canadian diplomats and citizens, we are troubled by the Canadian Government's continuous support for the current regime that has irrefutably failed in delivering on its key promise, to restore safety and security in Egypt.

In spite of the harsh criticism in the Egyptian state-controlled media, we believe that, giving the inability of the regime to ensure the safety of foreign nationals, the Canadian Government decisions were appropriate measures to protect Canadian Nationals in a highly volatile and unpredictable environment. Furthermore, ECCD cautions of the regime's history of covertly inciting violence in order to discredit the opposition movement and to crack down on all voices of dissent. ECCD holds the Egyptian government solely responsible for the safety of all Canadian citizens living in Egypt, as well as its own Egyptian citizens.

ECCD recognizes that the decisions also reflect the government's awareness of the rapidly deteriorating security environment in Egypt, an issue that is continually raised by ECCD and other human rights organizations. "Since the military coup of July 3rd 2013, Egyptians have been living in a republic of fear, characterized by unprecedented human rights abuses by the regime's security apparatus, and record setting violence and crime rate," said Ehab Lotayef, ECCD Chairman. "What more does the Canadian government need to publicly withdraw its support for the coup regime that robbed Egyptian's right to democracy under the watchful eye of western democracies in the name of security and stability," asked Mr. Lotayef in a recent statement.

We call upon the Canadian government to seize the opportunity and publicly withdraw its support to the current illegitimate regime that robbed Egyptians of their January 25th revolution's dream for economic prosperity, freedom, and social justice.

About ECCDEgyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy (ECCD) is a politically independent, non-affiliated pan Canadian organization with chapters in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Vancouver, and Kingston, which advocates for democracy and human rights in Egypt.

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